The Modern Network Security Platform

ZTNA, Secure Web Gateway, and more without the middleman architecture – 20-50% faster than other solutions.

Bowtie Secure Access

Secure Network Access

Bowtie establishes encrypted connections directly from devices to private resources, removing the need to backhaul traffic through middlemen networks (reverse proxies). By connecting your devices directly with cloud, data center and office resources, Bowtie provides faster access with reduced attack surface and greater resiliency. Device agents transparently handle authentication, encryption and access enforcement so users can stay focused while benefiting from security that (actually) doesn't get in the way.

Bowtie Web Governance

Blazing Fast SWG

Leveraging our distributed architecture and on-device capabilities, we deliver a modern web filtering experience. Rather than route traffic through a centralized gateway, Bowtie controllers deployed in your own environment work together to provide coordinated enforcement. On-device policy execution accelerates performance while keeping all infrastructure under your control.

Unified Least Privilege Access

Context-Based Controls

Bowtie enriches access control with user, device, and environment attributes for unified, adaptive policy across your entire digital environment. By combining identity-based rules with additional context like device security posture, time and geography, Bowtie strengthens zero trust architecture through continuous, risk-aware authorization. Manage access as a single policy domain regardless of endpoints, networks or resources.

Invisible Security

Modern User Experience

With user-invisible agents, Bowtie delivers authentication, encryption, and access enforcement without any user disruption. Compared to legacy network security platforms that degrade performance and drain endpoint resources, Bowtie operates transparently in the background to keep employees focused and productive. Users enjoy seamless connectivity while administrators gain centralized monitoring without compromise.

Bowtie vs. The Status Quo

See how Bowtie's innovative approach stands apart.

Prisma SASE
Direct access to all networks and resources, no middleman network; 20-50% faster
Cloud gateway to access private resources
Legacy IPSec tunneling
Enforcement occurs directly on device ensuring the browsing experience is device → destination
Enforcement occurs in Zscaler’s cloud
Enforcement occurs in Palo Alto’s cloud
In development
Leverages Zscaler cloud
Leverages Prisma Cloud
Next-gen encryption technology (WireGuard®)
Layer 7 proxy
Required Components
Client agent; software connector
Client agent; software connector; Zscaler cloud
Client agent; software connector; Prisma Cloud
Single unified console
Different administration consoles
Different administration consoles
Client Experience
Invisible/always-on with known speed consequences for ZIA
Private Key Management
Keys never leave your infrastructure
Keys are stored in Zscaler’s cloud
Hosted on PAN-managed Prisma Access Infrastructure
Control Plane
Distributed overlay network on your cloud or data center infrastructure; no reliance on Bowtie
Hosted in the cloud; subject to outages
Hosted in the cloud; subject to outages
Add-On Features (e.g., Okta role access)
None; all functionality is part of core platform/plan
Deployment time
10 minutes
1-2 days
4-7 days

See Bowtie In Action

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