Our Quest For Better Security

Bowtie is on a mission to tackle unsolved network security challenges by engineering a faster, more resilient, zero-trust architecture alternative unrestricted by legacy constraints.

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Our Mission
To fundamentally upgrade network security technology to meet the demands of the future.
Our Story

Innovation Born Out of Necessity

Bowtie was created by a team of enterprise security experts frustrated with outdated network security solutions that hindered user experience. After building their own successful platform to enable secure access, the founders realized the possibility of helping all organizations embrace the future with a fundamentally better approach. In mid-2022, Bowtie was founded around the vision of pioneering distributed software to establish encrypted overlays connecting devices directly with private resources.

By building protection into the connection architecture itself, Bowtie enables integrated zero trust environments without enduring the pitfalls of legacy network security models dependent on routing traffic through centralized middlemen. With evolving security threats and working models in the enterprise, Bowtie is on a mission to fundamentally upgrade network security technology to meet the demands of the future.

Meet Our Team

Crafting tomorrow’s technology today.

William Eshagh

CEO & Co-Founder

William Eshagh is CEO and co-founder of Bowtie. An expert in IT Security and networking, he has over a decade of experience solving IT and security challenges for security-sensitive enterprises.

Prior to starting Bowtie, William led IT and Security at Planet, and also spent time at Nebula and NASA. He holds a JD from Santa Clara University School of Law.

Issac Kelly

CTO & Co-Founder

Issac Kelly is CTO and co-founder of Bowtie. An engineering leader with more than a decade of experience shipping software, Issac has consistently delivered foundational software businesses are built on.

Prior to founding Bowtie, Issac ran corporate IT at Planet and was the first software engineer at Astra.

Justin Francesconi

COO & Co-Founder

Justin Francesconi is COO and co-founder of Bowtie. He is go-to-market leader with a decade of experience working with enterprise customers solving complex technical problems.

Prior to starting Bowtie, Justin led strategic accounts at Scale AI and was with Fastly early through IPO, operating on and leading various go-to-market teams.


Company culture at Bowtie isn’t a top-down mandate: we orient ourselves around our mission to help customers solve their problems in an environment that lets smart, capable people do their best work. We collaborate together every day to foster a culture that trusts motivated employees to design and build solutions with peers who value both autonomy and the unique experience that each of us brings. Being an early-stage employee means that each of us exercises a high degree of agency to bring order and confidence to the rapidly changing environment of a startup.

Bowtie is a remote-first company that has been oriented to support remote collaboration from day one. We understand that life happens between (and sometimes during!) work. We’re flexible when it comes to where and when you work with the mutual understanding that your efforts contribute significantly to our success.

If you don't see a role that interests you but our mission resonates, reach out to us.

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