Secure access, for anything and everyone.

Bowtie is rethinking how enterprise networks are built. With Bowtie, companies can provide seamless, segmented access to mission-critical resources and workloads. Cloud-like ease of administration without having to give up ownership of the most secure parts of your network. Designed to work around the clock, anywhere your users are, without headache. Modern controls and unparalleled visibility further Zero Trust initiatives and provide new insights into security risks.

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Effortless to deploy. Enterprise ready trust model.

Deploy and manage Bowtie with cloud-like ease without relying on vendor stability and security. Customers retain control of your deployment and software architecture, allowing organizations to better adhere to modern security and compliance requirements.

Bowtie embraces the local-first philosophy of software engineering: customer data is independent of Bowtie and each site’s installations work independently through network partitions and seamlessly synchronize when the network is available. Become outage proof.

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Unblock employees. Create always-on, invisible connectivity.

Security shouldn’t burden your users. Access to approved resources is as seamless as opening a laptop — regardless of the network your users are working from. Sophisticated access policies enable security groups to support zero trust network access.

Bowtie is designed to stay out of the user's way. Most often, users are not even aware that Bowtie is operating. Give your employees the experience of sitting at their desks in the office, from anywhere.

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Reliable, conflict-free overlay networking at scale.

Bowtie leverages advanced networking techniques to provide a horizontally scalable, conflict-free overlay network. Make address conflicts a thing of the past and integrate new networks in seconds. Reliability is the core requirement upon which all of our access control, visibility, and security features are built. This requirement is in the company name: Bowtie Works.

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