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The Modern Network Security Platform

It's time to ditch the complexities of outdated security solutions. Our distributed zero-trust architecture is built for modern enterprises that want to stay ahead of the curve.

Our Product

Redefining Network Security

Bowtie is a next-generation security platform that delivers a faster, smarter, and more resilient solution to enterprise network security. Our distributed overlay approach keeps your users more secure without slowing them down.

Seamless Zero Trust Connectivity

Bowtie establishes encrypted connections directly from devices to private resources, removing the need to backhaul traffic through middlemen networks. The result is faster access with reduced attack surface and removed centralized points of failure risk.

Blazing Fast Web Governance

No more routing internet traffic through processing sites in the cloud. With Bowtie’s SWG in place, users still have direct access to the internet ensuring zero impact to the browsing experience. With enforcement occurring on device, we minimize the pitfalls (slowdowns, outages, privacy concerns) of cloud processing sites.

Resilient Mesh Architecture

Our distributed architecture creates a self-healing service mesh inside your existing network infrastructure to manage encrypted overlays and policy configuration. On-device enforcement accelerates performance while keeping all infrastructure under your control.

Unified Security and Experience

Bowtie’s user-invisible agents deliver authentication, encryption, and access enforcement without compromising user experience. One agent and administrative console delivers all functionality. Strengthen zero trust architecture through continuous, context-aware authorization.

Trusted by Innovators

Leading enterprises are using Bowtie's next-generation platform approach to deliver new security capabilities, faster.

See Bowtie In Action

Experience Bowtie's distributed overlay security platform in action. Book a demo to see how we can improve your network's security.